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How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking?

A study found that millions of people worldwide have glossophobia or the fear of public speaking. When you are handed a microphone to speak in front of a large audience, do you suffer from crippling worry or anxiety? By now, you are aware that these anxiety attacks are experienced by others as well. 

Some people find public speaking a source of anxiety, but remember that you can get through it. I’m sure you imagine the day when your speech is promptly followed by thunderous applause. Yet, you go without breaking a sweat and with confidence. You can achieve this objective if you exert a little effort each day and push yourself.

Public speaking is a skill that you can acquire gradually. 

In this section, I’ll outline a few strategies for overcoming your fear of public speaking. To assist you in conquering your phobia, consider signing up for public speaking courses. 

Tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking 

  1. Be prepared

The first and easiest step to overcoming fear is preparation. It will help you to calm your fears and anxieties if you are fully knowledgeable on the subject or topic you will be speaking on. Our defense can be knowledge.

If you are unprepared, you can find yourself struggling to find the right words, being disoriented, and having trouble structuring your speech. Therefore, plan. Practice it, do your study, and get ready for any queries that might be directed at you. You are ready to face people once you are organized and ready to respond. 

  1. Receive feedback 

You can always ask your family and friends for support. Invoke them as your audience and hone your skills in front of them. Request their unbiased opinion and helpful feedback, then improve upon it. Frequently prepare a topic and speak in front of them.

Additionally, you can ask them to question you. This will enable you to fill in any knowledge gaps. Public speaking coachingcould be of use to you. Don’t be reluctant to ask for assistance. 

  1. Wall mirror, wall mirror 

The old trick of practicing in front of a mirror works wonders. You can improve your facial expressions, speech modulation, posture, and outward appearance. In addition, self-awareness can help you address issues you believe are holding you back. 

Your face will be reflected in the mirror in all its finer characteristics. Therefore, when practicing, remember that your mirror is the audience.

  1. Concentrate on the subject rather than the audience

Always remember that no one can be completely satisfied. There will be those who will belittle you, find fault with you, or criticize you. The same applies when you deliver a speech or presentation. Therefore, it is best to concentrate on the speech’s topic. Just exert your best effort without trying to win everyone over. 

You deviate from your presentation when you concentrate too much on your audience, their facial expressions, or their feedback. Step off the stage with the conviction that you gave your finest performance.

  1. Breathing exercise

We occasionally sweat, feel like we’re out of breath while speaking, or even stammer. Experts have recommended breathing techniques to somewhat solve these issues. 

Breathing exercises can prevent you from speaking too quickly and will help you pace your speech and modulate your voice. Exercises that involve breathing can also reduce tension and calm our nerves. Focus on your inhaling and exhaling to divert your attention from your spiraling thoughts. 

Incorporate breathing exercises into your everyday routine. You’ll observe progress. Enrolling in public speaking classes can teach you how to perform such drills.

  1. Facing the fear

You might be surprised by this, but prepare to be uncomfortable. Register to give an impromptu speech or presentation or to provide feedback or an opinion. Even if you are aware that people won’t take you seriously, speak up anyhow. Facing your fear is one approach to getting over it. 

This anxiety becomes more trivial the more you are exposed to it. You won’t do anything except improve. Repeated discomfort, fear exposure, and speaking out for yourself will all boost your confidence. Speaking in front of an audience will no longer be a difficult chore for you.

  1. Training

We appreciate when people ask for assistance or put effort into overcoming their fears. It demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile to overcome your fear. Obtain professional help in public speaking training. Today, several institutions and specialists are aiming to improve people’s public speaking abilities. 

The same applies to you. Professionals that have already aided millions of people just like you can teach you. Your progress in this voyage will only be accelerated by their methods, comments, and sessions.

  1. Practice till you are flawless

The secret to obtaining excellence is practice. There are no quick fixes or simple solutions to this. You must work hard to improve your public speaking abilities. You will undoubtedly stumble, perspire, suffer moments of fear, receive criticism, and feel demotivated in the beginning, but you must never give up. 

Every success tale features a protagonist who persists in the face of difficulty. You should experience this as well. Make recordings of your speech and observe yourself, look in the mirror, invite your friends and parents to watch them, include their feedback, and practice.


Some people frequently experience tension, anxiety, and nervousness when speaking in front of an audience. Never undervalue yourself due to your shortcomings. After recognising it, prepare to address the weakness. You can also get in touch with professionals or sign up for public speaking classes style=”font-weight: 400;”> that will help you get over your anxiety. 

By comparing yourself to others, never belittle yourself. Not everyone is a natural public speaker, but one can get better with practice. Some people are meant to struggle and succeed. Everywhere, including the workplace, schools, universities, and enterprises, now requires public speaking. Keep practicing till you succeed in overcoming your fear.

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