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How to Give a Great Speech: Tips From The Experts at Orator Academy

If you have a speech coming up, chances are you’re feeling some amount of anxiety. Whether for a public speaking class or a conference presentation, public speaking can be intimidating for anyone—particularly if you lack the skills and knowledge to give an effective public speech.

That’s where Orator Academy comes in. We provide public speaking courses, coaching, and classes to help you become a confident public speaker. Our mission is to empower people with the skills, techniques, and knowledge necessary to deliver powerful messages and presentations in any environment. 

At Orator Academy, we are dedicated to helping our students become confident public speakers, no matter their individual backgrounds or experience. We offer personalized programs tailored to the needs of each student, from one-on-one public speaking coaching and classes to group sessions and seminars that provide comprehensive public speaking education.

Our expert coach is an experienced public speaker with a wealth of knowledge on public speaking techniques, effective presentation delivery, and troubleshooting public speaking problems. In addition, she has a passion for public speaking and the tools necessary to help students reach their public speaking goals. 

We know that the thought of giving a great public speech can be overwhelming—especially if it’s your first time. We’ve compiled top tips from our expert coach to help you on your public speaking journey.

  1. Understand your audience: Knowing who you’re speaking to and what they’re interested in will help you customize your speech to their interests.
  2. Structure your presentation: Prepare a clear beginning, middle, and end for your public speaking performance. Make sure each point is organized so the audience can follow along easily with the points of your speech.
  3. Practice: Practicing your public speaking performance is essential if you want to give a great speech. Practice your public speaking skills in front of friends and family until you are comfortable with the material and feel confident about giving the presentation.
  4. Speak confidently: If you have practised enough, then confidence will come naturally when speaking publicly. Don’t worry if you stumble now and then. Keep on speaking with confidence.
  5. Use visual aids: Visual aids can be very helpful for public speaking. They help keep the audience interested in what you’re saying and make it easier to remember important points from your speech.
  6. Tell a story: People love stories, so why not use one in your presentation? Storytelling is an effective public speaking skill that helps engage the audience, and it can also help illustrate a point you want to make.
  7. Use humour: Humour breaks up the monotony of the speech and helps keep your audience engaged. Just be sure to choose appropriate jokes for the occasion.
  8. Make eye contact: Eye contact with the audience is one of the best public speaking tips. It helps you to establish a connection with your audience and makes them remember you better. 
  9. Be passionate: Showing passion for what you’re talking about can make a big difference when speaking publicly. People will be more interested in what you’re saying if they can see that you are truly passionate about the subject matter.
  10. Engage the audience: Asking questions and engaging your audience is a great way to keep them interested in your speech. It also allows you to take control of the presentation, as well as give the audience a chance to participate.

Benefits of Public Speaking Courses 

Taking public speaking courses at Orator Academy offers a variety of benefits. You will learn valuable techniques for engaging with your audience, such as how to make eye contact and use body language effectively. You will also gain public speaking confidence by learning how to prepare for your public speaking engagements, practice public speaking techniques in a safe environment and receive positive feedback from instructors.  

Troubleshooting Potential Problems During Presentations

Despite careful planning, public speaking can sometimes be unpredictable, leading to unexpected interruptions or questions from the audience. In these cases, it’s important to remain calm and collected and to be prepared with the appropriate responses.

At Orator Academy, we help our students identify potential public speaking pitfalls in advance and develop strategies for addressing them confidently during their presentations. We also provide guidance on how to handle difficult situations, such as unfavourable reactions or lacklustre responses from the crowd.

Examples of Successful Graduates Who Used Orator Academy Services

We have had the privilege of helping many public speaking students reach their public speaking goals, from novice public speakers to experienced professionals looking to sharpen their public speaking skills.

One of our recent graduates is Jack, who used Orator Academy’s public speaking coaching services to help him prepare for a public speaking event. He learned public speaking techniques that allowed him to engage confidently with his audience and deliver a successful speech. 

Another recent graduate is Susie, who used Orator Academy’s public speaking classes to better understand public speaking techniques and communication strategies. She was able to quickly master the art of public speaking and confidently deliver her presentation. 

At Orator Academy, we are proud of our public speaking students’ successes and continue to provide public speaking courses and coaching services to help them reach their public speaking goals. 


In conclusion, public speaking is an important skill that can help you to effectively engage with and influence your audience. At Orator Academy, we provide public speaking courses and public speaking coaching services to help our students become confident public speakers. We have seen many examples of successful public speaking graduates who have used our services to master the art of public speaking and confidently deliver their presentations. So if you’re looking for help with public speaking, contact us today to know more.

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