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Developing your Child’s Confidence with Public Speaking

Our personalities are defined by what and how we speak. It becomes pivotal then to have good speaking skills. And to develop the same skills from a very young age can prove to be quite useful for our adult selves.

The inculcation of good values should also constitute the development of good public speaking skills for a child. This is because public speaking allows the child to gain confidence and growth at a faster rate.

There are many ways through which these skills can be cultivated, such as Professional speaking training, that will help your kid shine. They will become smarter and amazing orators as a result.

Every parent wants the best for their kid, and justifiably so. Every kid has some talent in them, and when you push them to grow, they spread their wings and reveal the specialness that was always inside.

If you are looking for a way to help your child to gain confidence, then teaching them Public Speaking is the way to start!

Read on, and you will know how.

Before diving into how confidence is cultivated via Public Speaking, let us see what Public Speaking stands for.

What is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is the act of oration in front of an audience. This ability helps us to have a diverse and unique outlook on life. When we speak publicly, it becomes a statement, almost like an idea shared with the mass.

To do so requires courage and confidence in one’s beliefs.

Public Speaking is usually defined as the practice of speaking to a live audience. Usually, we are repressed by what others might think of us and what we stand for. And to speak publicly is to revolt against this very idea.

It gives us freedom. It makes us free. To give that kind of freedom to a child gives them a whole new dimension. A new world opens itself. Let us understand in further detail how Public Speaking can be beneficial for children.

Why is Public Speaking important for Children?

Childhood is that phase in our lives that we cherish forever. However, if we are haunted by some parts of it, that memory will also always scar us. To put it simply, it is an important period in one’s life.

That is why it is significant to turn this period into a beautiful one. This is the best time to grow one’s skills.

In this way, Public Speaking Skills teaches one how to communicate with a crowd or strangers.

Given below are certain reasons why it is important in a child’s growth:

  • The self-esteem of the child is increased.
  • The child will become more participative in extracurricular activities and hone their skills.
  • Improves communication skills
  • Expands the child’s knowledge.
  • It allows the critical thinking of the child to grow.

If you want to raise a smart and well-putted kid, teaching them Public Speaking is the way to go. You can either sign them up for Professional Speaking Training or urge them to participate in activities that support Public Speaking.

How does Public Speaking develop your child’s Confidence?

If you feel like your child suffers from Performance anxiety and needs a boost of confidence, then do take baby steps in eliminating your child’s fears. We cannot hope for anything to happen in one day.

Public Speaking is necessary to give your child the self-confidence they need. When they take professional Speaking training, they learn how to communicate, and when they know how to communicate, they feel independent and confident in themselves.

How can Public Speaking boost your child’s confidence?

  • Makes your child opinionated 

When your child learns how to talk in a group, they start forming their own opinions about varied themes and topics, which also allows them to be confident.

When one has strong opinions, they have full control over their thought process. They cannot be manipulated to believe anything else. This offers the child a kind of assertiveness that grows into confidence.

  • Change in Body Language 

Public Speaking is not simply about the words we utter. But rather, it is about the presence we bring into a room. It stands for what kind of aura we generate in the audience while we are on stage.

Professional Speaking Training not only teaches you how to talk but also teaches you how to be. It tells you how to have appealing body language. When your child understands the same, they become more comfortable in their bodies and presence.

  • It encourages them to socialize 

The direct function of speaking is communication, and when a child learns to speak publicly, any other conversation becomes easy for them. This is because they become assured in what they say and know that their thoughts cannot be dismissed that easily.

This gives a major boost to their confidence, and they grow up to be self-assured adults who know what to say to what kind of crowd.

  • They learn to talk to strangers 

If your child was previously hesitant regarding talking to strangers and saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, this will not remain the case now. When you garner their Public Speaking skills, they become confident while talking to other people, which lets them be seen.

They come under a spotlight as a result, which makes them gain self-confidence around their peers and mentors both.

  • They learn to accept their mistakes

When your child gains an experience in Public Speaking, they make mistakes on stage, which may leave them flustered at the first attempt but will make them strong individuals going forward.

As we only learn from our mistakes, it is significant that your child makes mistakes as this will make them confident in the future. When they perform in the future, they will know when to say what and how as well.

Apart from that, they will be humbled by their mistakes. They will know not to be overconfident and arrogant as a result.

  • They learn to be presentable. 

In the journey to self-discovery, your child will shine when the process is finished. They would know how to have a pleasing effect and aura to bring to a room. Their presence will be noticeable.

When they see that their aura is applauded, they will learn to love themselves and have self-assertion germinated inside of them. The parents will be proud of their children regardless, but they would love to see them grow.


A child’s mind is impressionable. It is the parents who can shape them while their mind is still young. If you are also a parent wanting to teach your child new skills, we recommend you sign them up for Professional Speaking Training at the ‘Orator Academy.’

Orator Academy will inspire your child and urge them to level up in regard to communication skills and presentation. When they grow up, they will aim to be their best selves with the much-needed confidence instilled in them.

As discussed in this article, it is evident now that public speaking can influence you and your child to a greater degree. It becomes important in today’s time to have good enunciation and speaking skills as they signify who we are, ultimately.

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