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How to Stay Calm When Speaking in Front of a Large Crowd

When you stand in front of a huge crowd, it is often the case that you face stage fright. You may find yourself shaking your legs or stammering. However, you are not alone. A lot of people face this problem of dealing with a crowd, especially when it comes to impromptu meetings.

Public speaking may not be a cakewalk for beginners, but it is through practice that we master the art of speaking effectively in front of a large audience who may or may not know us.

Tips to stay calm when speaking in front of a large crowd

Here are some tips that may be useful if you are planning to kickstart your journey as a speaker. Be it for a seminar or casual group discussions, these pointers will be enough for you to keep your cool and deliver with eloquence allowing you to effectively overcome stage fright.

  • Get familiar with your surroundings: 

This is one of the most effective tips for getting your feet on the ground. When you enter a room, be sure to check out all the elements in the room that can give you a sense of warmth. Once you adjust to your surroundings, you will become comfortable.

Then, you do not worry about how you look or how others see you. Spend at least a couple of minutes in the room, trying to understand the different elements that can potentially impact your presentation. Check whether the microphone is working and the lighting is in keeping with the theme.

  • Practice positive visualization: 

A lot of studies have proven the effects of positive thinking on the human soul. It has the power to change the outcome. Imagine yourself speaking confidently without fear or doubt. As you envision this outcome, it will certainly make you feel positive and energetic, and soon you will deliver a presentation just as you have imagined: witty yet persuasive.

  • Pause like a pro: 

The importance of pausing while speaking cannot be stressed enough. A good number of pauses can make you appear more assertive and reliable as a speaker. When you deliver a speech without pauses, it tends to go faster than your thoughts, and you will end up being so nervous that your words will not be understood by many. Pauses are incredibly powerful to emphasize key points as well as increase the flow of conversation between the speaker and the listener. Therefore, do not be hesitant to strike a pause and get your pace on point.

  • Arrive before time: 

This practice is to ensure that you have ample time to adjust to the presentation space. This will also make sure that you do not come late to the hall.

  • Greet and smile:

First impressions have to be perfect. When you walk into a room, you have to look at people’s faces, flaunt a likable grin, and talk with those in the room. This is to start on a good note with the audience and make them understand that you are approachable. You may even get inspired by their words or two.

  • Strike a good posture: 

Good body language is essential to keeping your audience up and listening for a long time. Make use of a power stance to get that bold, confident look going. If you feel like your posture is getting weak, just stay composed and take a nice posture back.

  • Drink plenty of water: 

Before you talk, drink plenty of water to keep your mouth free from dryness. A dry mouth may mean you have anxiety, and it can also lead to pre-presentation jitters. Also, keep a bottle of water near you so that when your mouth becomes dry from speaking loudly, you can pour in a little liquid to keep it smooth.

  • Inhale and exhale: 

The best way to fight nervousness is by letting your body loose and allowing it to take breaths instead of holding it. This will make your muscles less tight and keep your worries at bay.

  • Know your subject: 

If you know a particular subject well, you become a master at it. This will give you an edge over others because you will be the person knowing your subject matter inside out. This will significantly boost your confidence and ability to face a huge crowd.

  • Keep your target audience engaged: 

Turn your speeches from monologues to dialogues. Let the audience take part in your conversation instead of a monotonous talk show. Ask them questions or initiate an activity covering people in the audience.

  • Maintain Eye Contact: 

Making eye contact with your audience is a wonderful way to keep them hooked to your presentation. It is imperative to pick some familiar faces and occasionally look at them, as they might get interested in your conversation. Add a smile to seal the bond with your audience.

  • Perfection is a myth: 

It is flaws that makes us human. The bottom line is that nobody is perfect, and it is normal if you do not get it right all the time. So, be ready to be the “imperfect you” that the audience will love.

  • Avoid jargon: 

The audience might be made up of all types of people, some of who might not understand jargons. When you start speaking, always remember to use simple words that the audience can relate to. Further, your speech will be a fruitful and effective one.

  • Remind yourself of your past achievements: 

Sometimes the right amount of push can be given to you just by traveling in reverse through all your good old days when victory was a daily affair. Thinking positively will help you feel more confident and energetic. You will be more than ready to crush that presentation.

Final Overview

Presentations can be dreadful sometimes. But, with the right footing and calmness embraced, you can crack the code of delivering an enriching talk by engaging your audiences, effectively overcoming stage fright. With Orator academy, your presentation gig can be made top-notch. So get that mic ready.

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