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Orator Academy: The Cure for Your Stage Fright Woes

Effective communication is a solution for all personal and work related problems. In these advanced times, every individual must work on their communication skills so that relevant solutions to a wide range of issues can be effectively identified and resolved.

People think good communication is an industry-specific skill, but it is a life skill. Being able to present your thoughts properly and putting them respectfully in front of the other person can not just help you stand out but can also assist you to foster relationships.

Stage fright is a common fear of people all around the world. They might communicate well when interacting personally with anyone. However, the concept of public speaking and addressing a crowd is something most of us look to avoid. Overcoming stage fright takes a lot of courage and good guidance. If you wish to excel in the skill of public speaking and want to get rid of your stage fright, Orator Academy is a one-stop solution to help you through the process.

Learning to speak in front of big groups is an art and can help you do wonders in life. It will help you present your thoughts, share your learnings, will provide great exposure, and will allow you to excel in your professional life.

How does Stage Fear Impact you? 

Stage fear impacts you negatively and hinders your growth. People often get anxious while presenting their ideas and raising their voices in big crowds. Some feel physically drained while others get mentally exhausted even with the thought of speaking to a large audience.

If not addressed, stage fright can turn into your biggest fear and can destroy your confidence. People facing such fears aren’t able to present their views in meetings, presentations, and even in schools and colleges. All this leads to low self-confidence and people begin to develop an inferiority complex.

This can also ruin your interviews and can also impact your health. Constant stage fear can lead to nausea, excessive worry, and stomach pain. Try treating this as soon as possible.

The Causes of Stage Fright

  • Research suggests that stage fright is often caused by fear of judgement or fear of rejection.
  • Constantly thinking about what society thinks of you and being worried about your social image also leads to stage fear.
  • Underestimating your abilities and skills also causes the fear of speaking in a crowd.

If you have any anxiety history or any other medical concern, try consulting a doctor and a therapist to overcome this and they will help you outgrow this. Once you identify your fear and start working on it, it can be challenging but you will surely come out of it.

People also join good public speaking academies and classes to practice more and overcome their stage fright. Orator Academy is one of the top public speaking academies that will provide you with great assistance and resources.

Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

People suffering from stage fear find it difficult to share with others and get some relevant pieces of advice. But always remember to seek help whenever you are unable to find a solution to a problem. Going to a professional therapist and letting them know all about your fear can be of great help. If you think it’s a medical condition do consult a doctor.

Apart from this, here are some common ways to treat your stage fright and move ahead in life.

Challenge yourself to try speaking in front of a huge audience and be firm to do it anyhow.

  • Give yourself a positive affirmation 

Before moving on to the challenging part, always motivate yourself and give yourself a pep talk. You might be shivering or fidgeting with your hands, control yourself and keep a good breathing cycle.

  • Avoid caffeine intake 

Limit or stop having caffeine before your performance. You might think this would enhance your mood and make you more confident but this is not the case. Such things make you feel nervous and less confident. People might get dizzy or overwhelmed and spoil their performance, So avoid all such mood-altering substances.

  • Focus on your content and practice 

All the people sitting in the audience focus on what the orator is talking about, and how the thoughts are presented.  They want to get entertained, learn and laugh.

Try making your content the best and worth listening to. Prepare a well-researched script that has all the relevant facts and information. Do not let the crowd get bored. Next time whenever your anxiety peeps in, remind yourself the quality of your content is great and you will make it.

Rehearse well. Before the final performance, try speaking in front of friends and family. Focus on your words, script, and tone. This will help you deviate from your fear and keep going.

  • Practice Deep Breathing 

Different breathing techniques can help you calm down and feel better. This will keep your blood pressure and heart rate normal. Whenever you feel anxious, breathe and relax.

Indulge in mindfulness techniques like meditation and yoga. This will help you stay calm even in challenging situations and can facilitate overcoming fears too.


Communication is the key to solving anything and winning people over. Everyone should keep learning and improving their speaking skills. Public speaking is a great skill to ace.

Mastering the art of public speaking and overcoming your stage fright can be a hard nut to crack. However, with the right mentors and adequate practice, it can be achieved. Read, learn, and speak. Don’t run away from presenting your thoughts and never be afraid of rejection.

Failure is not the end of the journey but a part of every success. Speak your heart out wherever and whenever you want. This will help you live happier and get you several new opportunities.

Orator Academy is a great place to level up your speaking skills and overcome stage fear. Visit their website today!

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