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5 Public Speaking Tips Every Mom Needs to Know

A huge round of applause and the award for the best public speaker goes to Ms. Dakota. Going down memory lane, you remembered the day you won the best public speaker award in your college. Your eyes are filled with tears and joy.

You wish to go back to the time when you were a confident public speaker. But now everything has changed. You are a mother and have certain responsibilities towards your family and kids.

But deep inside, you still crave to become a public speaker. If you have that deepest desire, you can be a public speaker no matter the phase of life you are in. One can always look for public speaking classes near me which can train you to become a better public speaker.

But now your heart skips a beat when you are asked to speak in front of many people. So you are thinking of dropping the idea of becoming a public speaker.

Wait before you make any such a decision. Read this blog and then decide what steps to take further.

If you are a mother who wants to be a public speaker, here are the 5 public speaking tips that you need to know.

But before we dive into the tips, let’s talk about what public speaking is about. Besides, people have a lot of misconceptions about public speaking.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is an art that requires practice. No matter the degree you have or the profession you are in, public speaking can be learnt at any time. Besides, it’s an important skill everyone should master irrespective of profession.

You can anytime join public speaking classes near me to learn public speaking skills.

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your communication. That being said, public speaking skill always comes in handy whenever you strike up a conversation with your friends, family or a stranger. It’s not only about addressing the large gathering in an auditorium.

Public speaking skills will also benefit you as an individual. It helps you develop self-confidence, and you can communicate your thoughts in a better way, thereby improving your relationships. When you speak well, you create an everlasting first impression on the other person, which is often intimidating. Besides, it opens up countless opportunities for you to explore.

The point I am trying to make here is public speaking is important either way. So, learn to speak well. But you should keep in mind the below-mentioned tips.

Here are the 5 public speaking tips that every mom needs to know:

  • Identify your voice

The way you talk to your boss on a phone call is your public voice. The way you chat with your partner is your private voice. By voice, I mean pace, tone, language, presentation, gestures and body language. In public speaking, all these non-verbal elements, along with verbal ones, are considered as your voice, which is essential to become a successful speaker.

A successful public speaker is someone who manages to strike a balance between the two voices and find a middle ground that makes them comfortable to speak without blabbering. Along with these, self-confidence, timing and energy are equally important. However, if you want to become a successful public speaker, learn to make an emotional connection with your audience so that they feel involved.

One can search for public speaking classes near me that can equip you with the necessary public speaking skills.

  • Draft a clear message

Communicating the message successfully is the ultimate goal of public speaking. No matter how well you are dressed up and how confident you are, if the audience cannot decode what you said, all your efforts are a waste. You must understand your target audience and draft a clear message accordingly.

You can do this only when you do extensive research, understand the topic and present it in a story-telling manner. You can use visual aids to accompany you and give you a break during the speech.

  • Maintain safe Eye Contact with the Audience 

Communication is not just about spoken words. Body language, tone and eye contact make all the difference. Thus maintaining the right eye contact with your audience will boost confidence, and they will believe in what you say. So before starting your speech, correct your posture, take a deep breath, look into the eyes of the people, and smile.

Don’t cross your arms, play with your button or hair, or clasp your hands in your pocket. These gestures are annoying and show low confidence. Use the space of the stage properly while you speak rather than standing still behind the podium. Your movements project your confidence.

  • Apply storytelling strategy

Everyone loves to listen to stories, irrespective of age and gender. However, storytelling is an art which only a few can master. But try to construct the message in a story-like format to retain the audience’s attention. According to studies, the human brain connects with stories more readily than with facts. 

  • Accept the feedback and Learn

No one is a born speaker. Everyone learns it with time and practice. Make a habit of practicing your speech multiple times in front of the mirror or with your friends and family before you step on the stage.

It might be possible that you receive feedback while you are rehearsing. But instead of taking it to your heart, acknowledge and focus on improving it. It’s not easy to take criticism but honest feedback is better than false praise. Negative feedback will let you know your mistakes and thus gives you a chance to improve.


No matter whether you are a working mom or a homemaker, you can become a great public speaker by mastering these tips. Your academic qualifications or command of the language won’t be a barrier if you take the plunge to learn public speaking. Just look for public speaking classes near me to learn more about our services.

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