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How to Increase Your Productivity

Productivity is a vital work process to help you excel in this competitive world. Capitalizing on the time you have and accomplishing your goals is a skill to master which can transform your life and help you see more success. Read on to learn more about personal productivity and how to improve it.

How can we measure productivity?

Productivity is a concept that can be interpreted differently depending on your idea of work and success. The metric of measurement can vary immensely from one person to another. Here are the primary metrics used by most people:

  • The amount of work done

If you have a goal in mind, productivity is measured by the amount of work you do. The per cent of completion is a standard metric of work measurement. Professional settings use this metric to measure the performance of an employee.

However, this metric doesn’t consider efforts put in unfruitful work sessions. The trial-and-error process done by you has zero value which is not an accurate picture of how hard you have worked on an assignment or project. The metric of measurement is more rigorous in tasks that may involve dead-ends.

  • The time spent working on your goals

Time spent on a project is a valuable measure of productivity as it represents the work put in towards accomplishing a task. It includes all efforts, including those that don’t result in valuable results. This system is often deployed for personal productivity every day by people.

The metric doesn’t account for the time spent distracted when you set time for working on a task. Time spent with high concentration levels is a better measurement metric as it represents the amount of work put in towards accomplishing a goal with an honest effort.

  • Concentration levels during your working period

The concentration levels on a particular task matter immensely when you want to accomplish a task. The metric of how concentrated you were and stuck to the topic at hand is another helpful metric of measurement as it indicates the seriousness demonstrated while putting in work by you.

Concentration levels are a useful metric but may not result in vital results as the work duration is not considered. A helpful metric of personal productivity measurement is a combination of these metrics to suit the working style and requirements of the task at hand.

How can you increase your productivity?

Here are the main steps to take when you want to bring about a much-needed boost to your productivity levels and notice results:

  • Planning your tasks

Proper planning is the first step to accomplishing any task at hand. Planning your time well and scheduling the most important tasks in your free hours helps you achieve them. A good plan enables you to prepare for the necessary work, and you are more likely to stick to a schedule.

You can plan your tasks in the most beneficial manner with the help of a personal development life coach. Tested techniques that bode well with your working style and help you focus are best recommended by professionals who pay great attention to your situation and behavior before taking action.

  • Setting short-term goals and rewards

Gratification plays a significant role in how we view work. When a task doesn’t allow room for any form of instant gratification that procrastination offers, you tend to get distracted easily. Setting short goals and small rewards as a pat on the back helps you get started on jobs that seem mountainous.

Rewards in the form of short breaks are prevalent. The Pomodoro method of 25 minutes of work followed by a 5 minute break is a good practice for holding concentration and accomplishing work. Shorter work periods urge you to follow them better and are the first steps towards peak personal productivity.

  • The organization of your workspace

You must declutter your workstation to achieve better results. A messy work area brings in an element of procrastination which can lead to you wasting time. Performing work on your bed is not ideal, as your brain associates the space with rest and sleep. Setting aside a space to achieve productive work is beneficial. 

A personal development life coach will help you with your organizational skills to achieve exceptional work. Your productivity levels will surge with the help of professional tips, which prove to be very useful when you are stuck and going through a slump in your work levels.

  • Prioritizing your tasks

When you lead busy lives, assigning priority to each task is essential to performing tasks that hold the most importance in your life. When you are cluttered with tasks to perform, it is crucial that you meet the most vital deadlines and then organize the rest of the tasks depending on the time you have left.

Professionals in the field, like a personal development life coach, can help you assign priorities depending on your needs and constraints. You can see a noticeable boost in productivity levels with a coach.

  • Eliminating distractions

The event of distraction from a task occurs when you have the option of a more accessible choice available to you. Eliminating these distractions through small actions like silencing your phone and blocking media websites will help you see better concentration levels instantly.

The best advice given by a personal development life coach is the steps to take away any distractions from your workstations. This is done after carefully observing your working patterns and devising a plan that suits you best to achieve excellent productivity.


Productivity levels can be measured by the amount of work done, the time spent on it, and the concentration levels during work. The accurate combination of these metrics is a personal preference that suits your situation. 

You can boost your productivity by planning, setting rewards, organizing, prioritizing, and eliminating distractions. Orator academy offers excellent personal development life coach services to help transform your productivity. You will see an instant change in your working habits with professional opinions. Get in touch today!

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