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How to Ace Your Next Public Speaking Opportunity

Regardless of profession, industry and education, public speaking is an essential skill that everyone must master. In most professions these days, public speaking is required. Public speaking is involved everywhere, whether you are giving a presentation, pitching ideas to clients or interacting with your team members.

But for more than 90% of people, public speaking is their biggest nightmare. Have you ever wondered why? Why is it so difficult to stand and speak on stage? Embarrassment. Yes, people have a fear of getting embarrassed in front of people which keeps them away from acing this skill.

However, to create an everlasting impression on the people you interact with, you must be an excellent public speaker. Read this blog as we talk about the importance of public speaking skills and how you can master it.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is the art of communicating with people through spoken words, eye movement, gestures and body language.

How important is public speaking?

People often think that they are in a job that doesn’t require them to address gatherings or give presentations, so public speaking skill is worthless for them. But this is the biggest misconception we have about public speaking.

Public speaking is not just about giving a speech on stage. It’s about communicating your thoughts and ideas to people you interact with. There are many situations in which public speaking skills can help boost your career and build your personality.

Public speaking skills are not just a professional skill but a life skill that is important in other aspects of life as well. For instance, you have to give a speech at your sibling’s wedding or may be asked to speak at a community event. Good public speaking skills will help you ace all these moments.

Simply put, having a command of public speaking skills opens up many opportunities, builds self-confidence and reputation.

However, poor public speaking skills can be equally dangerous. It can lower your self-esteem and close the doors to upcoming opportunities.

For instance, your promotion is due, and you were asked to speak a few words about your organization, but because of poor public speaking skills, you messed up the chance.

Thus it is essential to learn how to speak effectively, and the good news is that you can learn it anytime. One can look for public speaking classes near me to enhance their skills.

So let’s see how you can do it.

Tips to improve public speaking skills:

Know your audience

Audiences are the most essential part of public speaking. However, an unknown audience becomes the biggest cause of stress for all public speakers. Thus, the first step to becoming an effective public speaker is to know your audience. Knowing the people, you are interacting with will help you draft better messages.

Identify the level of understanding of your audience so that you can construct your speech in a way that resonates with them. Also, you will know how to initiate a speech that sounds interesting and the right words to use. Avoid using jargons or acronyms, as most people aren’t able to decode them.

Use visual aids

Visual aids give a break to the speaker and help them grasp a breath meanwhile. The best visual aid is a PowerPoint presentation. You can create a presentation with images, charts, facts and figures to make your speech compelling. But don’t overload the slides with texts which makes it visually disturbing. Instead, use relevant images for the words you are speaking.

Take right pauses

You are a public speaker that doesn’t mean you have to speak continuously for the next half an hour. You can take multiple pauses in between and let the audience wonder what you will say next. Also, don’t speak like a robot. It makes the speech monotonous. Your responsibility as a public speaker is to convey your ideas to the people, not just speak in front of them. Incorporate a conversational tone of speaking and take the right pauses in between to make the entire speech interactive.


Practice makes the man perfect. That being said, it applies perfectly to public speaking skills as well. Even expert public speakers must rehearse before they step up on the stage. The best way to practice public speaking skills is to speak in front of your friends and family or in front of a mirror. Practice will help you gain command of the topic, and feedback will help you improve. You can join public speaking classes near me to become a part of a similar community.

Maintaining eye contact 

Eye contact is an essential element of public speaking skills. Making proper eye contact with your audience builds a connection, and the audience feels involved. Looking at the head or shoes of the people represents a lack of self-confidence. Avoid reading from the script, but rather construct your speech in a storytelling format. Looking at the eyes of the people will help you understand whether they are grasping the concept or not.

End with a bang

Endings are underrated. However, it’s one of the most essential parts of the speech. People might not remember how you started but will remember how you ended. So, frame a solid conclusion to grab your audience’s attention and leave them awestruck. You can include a call to action, inspiring quote, or key takeaways in your conclusion to make it effective. Don’t forget to express your gratitude towards the audience at the end.

Wrap up-

Public speaking is not rocket science; it’s a skill that can be mastered with time and practice if you have the zeal to do so. With consistency, preparation, practice and honest effort, you can become a great public speaker in no time.

By implementing the above-mentioned public speaking tips, you will be able to become an effective public speaker and ace the next public speaking opportunity. However, you can join public speaking classes near me to learn more about public speaking.

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