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How to manage stage fright with exercises

How to manage stage fright with exercises

Public speaking is all about how comfortable you are standing on a stage, facing a group of people, and delivering your speech. Not many people are comfortable speaking, without any guard, in front of a crowd. There is a sense of social discomfort and anxiety that leads to stage fright.

Stage fright is a common issue among many. It must be handled wisely in order to slowly overcome it within a period of time. If a person is constantly made aware of his/her stage fright, they will be repelled from participating in any public speaking events in the future. Thus, the situation must be handled carefully.

You too, can work upon yourself by incorporating a few daily exercises and relaxation techniques that will help you to mitigate and tackle the issue of stage fright effectively. A major reason for stage fright is social anxiety which can be dealt with patience and practice. This will allow you to control anxiety and will also enhance your overall confidence.

In this article, we will briefly study how to overcome stage fright . Undertake the exercises mentioned below and observe improvement in your own self.

  • Relaxation techniques

Various relaxation exercises, yoga, and other techniques can help you overcome anxiety and fear. Relaxing your muscles can help release tension and will calm your brain. Various small techniques like stretching or chewing gum, or eating can help you release stress. You can engage in some other exercises like jogging or flexing. Yoga is among the best ways to relax body muscles and relieve tension. It helps you control your blood pressure and heart rate, relaxing your nerves and calming your nerves.

  • Meditate and breathe before your performance

Meditation is another effective way to overcome stage fright. Meditate and focus on your inner self. Channelize your energy. Incorporate a few forms of yoga and focus on your breathing. You can even enroll in some yoga classes that will help you channelize your energy.

Meditating daily will turn you into a calm person. It is advisable to meditate a few minutes before your performance and not engage yourself in any kind of chaotic activity. Be calm and impart positivity.

  • Rehearse

Any expert advice on how to overcome stage fright will always be to rehearse. Rehearse as much as possible. Stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself rehearsing. Work on your delivery style, body language, stance, and expressions. Seek advice from your friends. A well-rehearsed candidate will outstand all others.

Rehearsing will also help you build a sense of confidence. You will know what you have to deliver and this way you will be less worried about your performance. Rehearsing is an effective way of overcoming stage fright.

  • Set a motto and direct your energy towards it 

While delivering any performance in front of an audience, you must be able to set a clear motto. What are your expectations from the performance? Why do you wish to perform? All such questions can bring in clarity that is required before you can go on to the stage.

Also, be sure to follow a process cue. For instance, if you are delivering a speech, your cue must be to deliver as effectively as possible. As a performer, your cue must be to express and perform flawlessly, and as an interviewee, your cue is to answer questions without being overwhelmed by the interviewer.

Direct all your energy to these cues. Meditate and repeat your cue to yourself. This will help you clarify your thoughts and perform much more impressively.

  • Avoid tea, coffee, or any other energizers 

Tea and coffee are energizers. They release Dopamine that can turn you into a hyperactive individual. While it is good to be all awake and aware while you perform, the dopamine levels will not help you make wise decisions. You would end up acting impulsively on and off the stage. This way, you increase the chances of committing mistakes.

  • Rigorous exercise can save your day 

If you are wondering how to overcome stage fright through exercises, then here is how.

Exercises can help release muscle tension. You will be much more aware and active after taking up a few rigorous exercises at the gym. You will feel good and comfortable in your own skin, and a sense of accomplishment will be developed.

Hitting the gym early in the morning can keep you active for an evening performance. Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is known to improve after you take up a few strenuous exercises. Also, combat exercises can help you release all the stress and frustration, improving your mood before you perform.

  • Nerve soothing drinks and food can help

While coffee, tea, and other energizers are a complete no, soothing drinks like chamomile tea can help. Various herbal teas are available in the market that are effective on your nerves. Chocolates, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, eggs, and yogurt can calm your nerves. They are high in protein and can keep you from feeling hungry for the next few hours.

Other than this, you can listen to calming music or watch a few calming, meditative videos that can help you overcome your stage fright.

  • Prepare thoroughly 

How to overcome stage fright? The best answer is to Prepare.

Prepare very well. Look for all the possible mistakes you are prone to commit on the day. Right from your speech, dress, required props and accessories, shoes, and other necessities must be prepared very well in advance.

Prepare a checklist of all that is required. Plan your day out. Do not leave any room for mistakes. Rehearse your speech. Thorough preparation can help you sail smoothly.

  • Shift your attention

While we often think of all that could possibly go wrong, we end up committing similar mistakes. It is rather much wiser to shift your attention to the greener side of the grass. Think of the positives. Think of all that could possibly go right on the day. This will help you overcome anxiety. You will end up feeling much more relaxed and less anxious.

Act as if you are the center of attention. The mindset will help you realize how the entire activity is meaningless without your contribution, and you will end up pressuring yourself much less than you might often do.

  • Start small

In order to accomplish any task, it is necessary to start from scratch. Start small. Participate in family events and class presentations and speak in front of friends and relatives. This will help you boost your confidence. Slowly you will be able to overcome your stage fright.

Take tips from experts as to how to overcome stage fright. Talk to your friends. Start somewhere in order to be miles ahead. Every great artist starts off with small performances. You, too, must consider participating in smaller events and turn them into bigger ones.


Stage fright is common among performers. Every artist, however great or small, is compelled to feel the pressure exerted by the presence of an audience. Overcome your anxiety and insecurity. Incorporate the above-mentioned techniques in order to overcome stage fright.

You can even enroll with institutes like the Orator Academy that are known to build confidence among the students and help them develop the art of effective communications. Visit their website and book your sessions today.

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How To Manage Stage Fright With Exercises

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