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Decoding Stage Fright!

Decoding Stage Fright!

Pounding heart, sweaty hands, shaky voice, inner chattering, and fear of judgement! Do you find anything relatable here? If yes, we got you covered.

For a majority of us speaking in front of an audience sounds like the end of the world. And just to avoid it, we come up with a countless number of excuses. But have you ever considered finding some time to think about this scary monster of your life which we dearly called STAGE FRIGHT! Well, I have tried to do exactly that on this blog.

Stage fright or performance anxiety is something more than 50% of the population experiences. From stage artists to working professionals, from performing in a concert to speaking in front of a class; the victim of stage fright has no exceptions. Believe it or not, there are so many great personalities who get anxious days and months before their shows.

But what exactly is Stage Fright and how does it creep onto us?

It is a difficult task to find right words to describe this dreadful feeling of stage fright. In an overly-simplified version, we can describe the fear of public speaking as a psychological reaction or “self- poisoning by adrenaline.”

Most people lack confidence and build the fear of forgetting a line or becoming just witless. In response to the building stress, the adrenal glands start pumping the adrenaline hormone into the bloodstream, causing muscle tension, sweating, trembling, dry mouth, and throat constriction.

This is what we call ‘fight or flight’ response that we humans have developed to help us to prepare for forceful action in response to a threat. So if you try to reason, it means our body is preparing to tackle a demanding situation like a defense mechanism.

However, in many cases, the natural uneasiness before a speech quickly tips over into a panic. The inability to overcome stress converts into a debilitating threat. When threatened, the body starts concentrating blood in the core and reducing blood flow to arms, legs, and brain and eventually, “cold feet.”

But wait! What if you can reframe these uneasy thoughts into something more positive and productive? Never thought of that, right? But now you must be wondering how to do that?

The answer is simple. You need to learn how to channelize your anxious energy before your performance or a simple presentation, and we can guide you to do so. At Orator Academy, I will help you to find your core energy and teach you some great ways to take control of your inner voices and your body. Together we build your confidence through various fun activities. Join Orator Academy today and learn interesting and practical ways to fight this monster and become a confident speaker.

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