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How to Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright?

Childhood is a prominent stage in one’s life. How and what we are today is shaped and molded from the clay-like mind of our childhood selves. That is why we must be careful, polite, and gentle when approaching a child.

According to research, about 75 percent of people worldwide suffer from Stage Fright. Do you know that a significant amount of adult traumas and disorders are stimulated by childhood experiences?

As a result, it becomes necessary that we pay great attention to what our children are suffering from mentally. If your child suffers from Stage Fright, then it is time to take action.

You need to ask the question, ‘how to overcome stage fright when singing, dancing, and speaking in public?’ for the sake of your child.

And if you need some guidance on how to help your child, read this article to explore further.

What is Stage Fright?

Also known as Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright is a mental issue that attacks a person when they are about to perform something in front of an audience. 

The symptoms of the same manifest in the form of sweating, fast heart rates, nausea, headaches, stuttering, and mental confusion.

An unrealistic expectation of achieving perfection or an underestimation of one’s abilities can cause Stage Fright.

How to overcome Stage Fright? 

Feeling anxious in front of a crowd before performing is entirely normal. It is very human to feel that way. However, it becomes essential that we do not lose sight of ourselves in the tension.

When it is in the right proportion, Stage Fright can help one improve, but when it gets out of control, it threatens the individual and their growth.

Here are some ways through which we can try to overcome Performance Anxiety:

  • Do not aim for perfection.
  • Try to keep a clear mind before the performance.
  • Try Meditation
  • Avoid exaggerating your mistakes in your head.
  • Visualise that nobody is watching you while performing.
  • Talk to a specialist and get help.

This phobia also develops in children and, if not treated, will persist to live for a lifetime. This makes participating in group activities and competitions essential for the child’s growth, so their confidence can be boosted.

If your child is a great singer who suffers from crippling Stage Fright, you would want to know how to overcome Stage Fright when singing, so your child can display their talent more openly.

So, let us look at how you can help your child fight off Performance Anxiety.

How To Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright?

Any parent would like to see their child shine. They would like to see their child singing a beautiful tune or dancing to their favorite song without worries. However, if your child is dealing with Stage Fright, they will hesitate to express themselves in front of an audience.

This issue is not unsolvable, but it is also not easy. The parents need to be patient with their kids. They need to empathize with what their child is going through.

Let us understand now how to overcome Stage Fright when singing, reciting poetry, dancing, and performing in regard to children.

  • Appreciations and Affirmations

When you pay attention to your child’s performance and praise them simultaneously, their confidence increases. They become aware of their capabilities, and their self-esteem rises, resultantly.

In the growing ages, it is essential that a child is praised, valued, and loved. They should know their value, which will give them the ability to perform beautifully and protect them from Stage Fright.

  • Watch them perform attentively 

In a child’s life, the most important figures are the parents. Their approval matters a lot. So please do not hold back and do not be too harsh on your child and their performative abilities.

Closely pay attention to what they have to offer in a performance, and be there when they perform. Show them that their performance is worth watching, which will allow them to be less self-critical as they grow up.

  • Encourage them to practice Public Speaking

Public Speaking can broaden one’s communication skills and also their confidence. If a child is pushed to practice the same, they will be able to develop critical thinking, which will lead to their growth.

Rehearsing or practicing is a great way to get rid of Performance anxiety. If your child develops a habit of practicing on a regular basis, they will be much more prepared to perform in front of a crowd.

  • Inspire and Motivate them

Show your child movies that make them believe in themselves. Read books and stories to them that give them motivation which can help in fighting Stage Fright as they will characterize themselves with the given characters.

This will allow them to cultivate a belief that nothing is impossible if one sets their mind to do so. Such thinking will only let them touch the sky in the future.

  • Talk to your child

As it is always implied, communication truly is the key. Talk to your child about their performance anxiety. Keep the conversation completely transparent. Ask them what they feel when they are performing.

Talking about their anxiety will cause them to reflect on the same in a healthy way, which will bring the closure closer.

In response to their answers, give comforting and soothing reassurance to them. Tell them that their performance is perfect just the way it is and that they should not hesitate on the basis of what people in the audience might think.

  • Seek Specialist/Professional Help

Sometimes, seeking help becomes necessary in the context of above mentioned issues. It does not signify failure. It simply means that certain things can only be handled by Professionals.

At that time, do take your child to a counselor and comfort them if they feel uncomfortable in any sense.

To help you out in this direction, you should check out ‘Orator Academy,’ as they can truly help you and tell you how to overcome Stage Fright when singing or dancing, or simply expressing yourself.

This will give your child a boost of confidence seen never before and also act as an antidote to their Performance anxiety.


In this article, it has been discussed how to help your child in overcoming their Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety. It is important to teach your child good values and inculcate a good sense of self in their minds.

As this article focused on examining how your child can express themselves, or basically how to overcome stage fright when singing or doing performative arts.

To do so, we highly recommend that you go through the website of ‘Orator Academy’ as they can provide you the professional help that your child may need.

They will make the whole process of overcoming performance anxiety very easy for you and your kid.

The expert guidance that Orator Academy will offer you is like no other. Go check out their website now.

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