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Everything You Need to Know About Nailing Job Interviews

Interviews are not conducted to assess your knowledge. For that, there are written examinations and resume assessments. The primary reason for conducting an interview is to know whether the candidate has the necessary social skills and cognitive ability to produce instant answers with substance. It is the final round of selection where you either make or break the deal. 

Positive or negative impressions can be made in a short period of time. Even apparently, little factors might influence the result of an interview while you’re there. Many executives from prestigious organizations have admitted that they can tell if a potential hire is qualified for the position just by looking at them.

If you don’t invest the time to dress appropriately or if you say something nonsensical or inappropriate during an interview, it might stop before it even begins. Employers pay particular attention to candidates who can cooperate with coworkers and management. Thus, the interviewer’s main objective is to analyze the candidate’s verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. So, we’ve gathered all the knowledge you’ll need in one post to help you prepare for the interview process.

  • “Your body speaks more than you think”

Humans are visual learners, and that is a fact. We receive information more from our eyes than from our ears. If you are unaware of this, then you are definitely oblivious to the 7 / 38 / 55 rule. According to research on the communication of emotions, 7 percent of emotion is conveyed by the words, and 38 per cent by the tone of the words. That is, how a person speaks the words. And the rest, 55 percent of emotions, are conveyed through body language. 

In a corporate setting, there is some acceptable and desired body language that employers look for. And here, many candidates make the mistake of unconsciously sending negative information through their body language. Thus, body language should present your confidence and positive information only. 

For instance, maintaining a healthy amount of eye contact will demonstrate that you have an ample amount of guts, and you will not get intimidated by the clients. There are many don’ts that you must know about. The following tips are even taught in professional communication classes:

1. Always maintain a straight posture

Leaning back or slouching suggests that the candidate is not confident. Any employer would not want its workers to show signs of fear in front of other company officials. Good posture also allows you to breathe properly, which will help you to avoid breathlessness.

 2. Limit the number of hand motions you use

Given that it can occupy employers, a reasonable level of hand motion is acceptable. Additionally, the meaning of hand gestures varies among cultures.

3. Avoid looking at the ceiling

Looking at the ceiling while talking shows that you are not confident enough to look HR in the eye. 

  • Your dress is part of your body

You become what you wear, so dress up what you desire to be. This proverb is entirely accurate. Getting dressed up is a crucial component for nailing an interview. If you present yourself professionally during your interview, it will give the hiring manager the idea that you are serious about the position. 

Additionally, formal attire has the ability to influence the person around you. It gives off the signal that you are resourceful and hold worldly knowledge. Wearing clothing that is well-pressed demonstrates that you spent the effort to prepare your outfit, trim your nails and hair, and style your beard appropriately. 

All these actions show how disciplined the individual is. Dressing appropriately improves your aesthetic appeal and enhances your likelihood of securing a job. Dressing aptly makes you look attractive, and people have a tendency to convince those people as smart who are physically attractive. This is known as pro-attractiveness. It exists everywhere, even in our schools and workplaces. 

  • Pay your undivided attention to the employer

If the candidate pays his or her attention to the full extent, then it shows that the candidate is actually serious about joining the company. Because the company will make efforts to hire the one who is interested in working for their company and not in any other company. For reference, it is a common practice in the job market that candidates apply for multiple interviews

Companies know this. So, they will not consider you as a potential employee if they think you will go for another company. Therefore, you must show zeal and enthusiasm. By focusing on the interview process, you will be able to gather more about the company and the industry in which the company is operating. 

Another benefit of this is that you will be able to ask in-depth questions to the employer. A company will prefer to pick an applicant who knows about the in and out of the company. All of the communication classes will tell you to listen before you speak. 

  • Learn to say negative things positively 

An interview is a game of words, smart words. There will be moments when you cannot answer the question, or you have to say no to the interviewer. You cannot directly say no to them. You have to articulate your words in such a manner that even your nos do not sound negative. 

The finest chance to show that a candidate has the intelligence to figure out challenges fast and instantly, along with the manner you deliver them to them, is during an interview. Anyone can learn all these skills. There is an availability of communication classes everywhere. But one of the finest course is provided by the Orator Academy.

You will get to learn from the best coach who are experts themselves. They have conducted several applicants interviews themselves. They are very well knowledgeable about human mistakes and ways to correct them. You will gain exclusive information about the interview session from Orator Academy. Do visit the Orator Academy official website for more information.

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