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Summer Session 2024

Make Your Child A SUPERSTAR!

You can sign up for both the weeks for better understanding.
The more you practice, the faster you can master the skills.

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Welcome To Orator Academy Summer Session 2024

The Summer sessions of Orator Academy by Coach Vineeta Khanna are unintimidating, judgement-free, fun sessions with hands-on learning through games, declamations, discussions, original oratory, and team-building exercises.

The ideas and inspiration from these Public Speaking sessions enhance the students’ real-life, formal & informal conduct, and public appearances. This summer we are offering week sessions. You may choose one or both week sessions. There is a definite benefit, personally and financially in considering all options. These classes will help students find their superpower-their VOICE, while learning the tools that help in making great connections and impressions.

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6 Sessions - 6 Life skills

What makes Orator Academy classes significant is the emphasis on ‘SELF’ (Social Emotional Learning Factor), each step of the way. Summer Sessions are a great way to kick start or enhance one's communication skills.

Register for the Sessions of Your Interest

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Session 1

11 July - Confidence, Conviction, Connection
Students will learn about the 3 all encompassing Cs that make an outstanding Communicator!
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Session 2

13 July - Body Language & Eye Contact
Actions speak louder than words.
Students will learn how body language adds the theatrical dimension and makes our communication style more impactful.
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Session 3

15 July - Voice Modulation & Projection
Voice attracts, persuades, and compels. Learn the 3Es- Enunciate, Emote & Engage.
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Session 4

18 July - Content Preparation
Students will learn how to Structure their thoughts and their content in the most effective manner to convey their message powerfully..
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Session 5

20 July - Captivate Your Audience
Communication is two-way.
Students must learn how to captivate and hold the audiences' attention.
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Session 6

22 July - Walk The Talk!
It doesn't matter what we know till we know what to do with it! Students will combine who they are, what they know, and all that they've learnt.

Enroll Now!

You can sign up for both the weeks to master the skills faster.

Key Takeaways from Summer Session

Boost Confidence

Enhance Self-morale

Team Building

Develop Creativity

Spark Imagination

Build Inter-personal Relationships

Thank you for the excellent class. Julia enjoyed it very much, she learned a lot and she is very excited talking about it.



Speaking in a group or in front of a crowd was a distant dream, until I met coach Vineeta. At Orator Academy I learned to speak from my heart rather than making a failing attempt to impress the audience. Vineeta’s key guidelines on how to connect with people while speaking and emphasis on right pronunciation helped boost my confidence. I would highly recommend her, if you want to get over your fear of public speaking.

Kajal Sinkar

Orator Alumni

Communicate with Confidence & Keep Growing!

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