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Professional Coaching
Oratory Speaking

Overcoming Challenges Through Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is a program or a process wherein individuals are trained or guided by experts in a particular field. …

Communication Challenges
Oratory Speaking

Overcoming Communication Challenges in Multicultural Workplaces

Communication challenges in multicultural workplaces typically refer to difficulties and issues prevailing while attempting to communicate with individuals from different …

Public Speaking Classes
Oratory Speaking

Overcoming Fear and Nervousness: Public Speaking Classes for Adults

It is normal to feel scared or nervous before addressing the public directly. However, the issue arises when the anxiety …

Public Speaking Coaching
Oratory Speaking

Public Speaking coaching for Introverts: Nurturing Confidence with a Local Coach

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are called upon to speak to a large group of people and …

Stage Fear
Oratory Speaking

The Impact of Stage Fear on Career Growth and Opportunities

Stage fear, also known as Glossophobia, is a condition that enhances anxiety while addressing an audience or performing on stage. …

Communication Classes
Oratory Speaking

The Importance of Communication Classes in Today’s Digital World

In the rapidly evolving and interconnected digital era, the ability to communicate efficiently has become essential. In today’s fast-paced world, …

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Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence

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About Vineeta

Vineeta Khanna is one of the most well known and successful public speaking coaches In New York and New Jersey. As the founder of Orator Academy, she has helped hundreds of young students and working professionals to become confident speakers. Vineeta also hosted a popular South Asian live radio show which has been on air for over 15 years. Because of her excellent speaking skills, she has been invited on NPR WHYY and NPR WNYC both as a co-host and guest. All these experiences have made Vineeta an expert on Public Speaking and Communication.

Coach Vineeta has worked with hundreds of students of all ages: elementary school students, college students, interns, job seekers, Wall Street professionals, home makers, IT professionals, teachers and more.

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