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The Benefits of Public Speaking Classes for Children

Communication is one of the crucial social skills necessary to survive. Effective communication skills are required to express oneself, influence others, motivate change, and present an idea. Most of the time, you need to express your thoughts publicly. That is the reason why public speaking has become a vital skill to have. Fear of public speaking or ‘Glossophobia’ is surprisingly common, including in children, because of which their school and social life get affected.

Of course, it is normal for a child to feel nervous and anxious when asked to speak publicly. According to child psychologists, most kids face nervousness when speaking in public. However, in general, it can be changed by motivating and giving them chances to open up in public from an early age. To be specific, there are public speaking classes for children which can help your child a lot.

But before we proceed to know much about public speaking classes for children and their benefits. Let’s first try to understand what public speaking is and why it is essential for children to have this skill from an early age.

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What is public speaking?

In most straightforward words, public speaking is an act of making speeches in front of a mass or with the mass. Public speaking is also called oration or oratory by that it means the act of speaking live in front of an audience. It can be a formal or informal form of speaking, depending upon the event. It could be a speech, self-introduction, conference, or anything that involves an audience and a speaker. Today, public speaking is also done to entertain the audience with the help of advanced technologies available.

However, the purpose of public speaking remains the same despite the newly available technology.

  • Persuasion
  • Education
  • Intervention

Why is public speaking skill necessary for children? 

Some kids are naturally outspoken and don’t hesitate to speak in public, while others feel some fear just by seeing and standing in front of a crowd. Back to the question, children need to develop the ability to speak in front of people. Psychologically children are more flexible in learning new things than adults.

Children are tomorrow’s leaders, and it’s an era where every child should develop this skill. After all, it’s a great skill for a child; in the future, they will need this skill to move successfully in their career or life. So, it’s better to start early. For this, they need to join public speaking classes for children.

Public speaking courses are becoming more common and popular day by day. Today’s world is full of competition and hustle. Confidence is the key to standing out in the crowd, and great public speakers are running ahead in life because they are confident. Public speaking classes for children will not only guide them to speak publicly but also boost their self-confidence and personalities.

Benefits of public speaking classes for children:

Scroll down to look at some of the benefits of public speaking classes for children: 

  • Improve their Academic performance

Generally, children who ask questions and speak without hesitation in class or on stage are considered to be confident and fearless. This characteristic can be acquired through public speaking classes. Moreover, almost every school conducts debates, speeches, presentations, and viva sessions. A child with public speaking skills will be able to manage situations like this without being nervous.

On the other hand, in school, students will face critical thinking situations, and they will be able to answer with the research thought process that they learned from public speaking classes.

  1. Makes them a good listener

To become a good public speaker, one should be a good listener first. Such classes help kids to become good listeners, as they meet new people with different opinions, get into the discussion, and learn to pay close attention to what others have to say in the same discussion. It’s an overall development for a child to grow as a person to listen and understand first before speaking.

Moreover, these listening skills will help them to build great relationships with their family and friends.

  1. Makes them confident and develops their personality

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and a great personality are necessary for a child to develop from a young age. As all these will be required in various stages of life in different events like giving a presentation and appearing for an oral test.

Today, many children suffer from low self-esteem issues, especially because of unexpected situations faced in school.

Public speaking classes will guide them in the right direction. Classes help them to boost their self-confidence by teaching them how to face the world gracefully and with confidence. Once they learn to present and speak their thoughts, they automatically become confident and fearless.

  1. Improve their pronunciation and vocabulary

Many children hesitate to speak publicly because they fear that they may mispronounce the words. Through public speaking classes for children, they will get involved in activities like daily writing, reading, and speaking, which will ultimately improve their pronunciation and vocabulary.

  1. Prepares them for future

Sometimes, even if a child is right with their answers or opinions, they don’t speak up. Public speaking can take care of that as well. Classes prepare them for a better future by boosting their self-confidence and critical thinking skills. These two skills are crucial and are targeted in public speaking classes for children.

If a child has these two skills, they can do a lot of things and overcome many fears.


So, now that you know how beneficial it is to join public speaking classes for children at an early age. Allow your child to come out with their thoughts and opinions publicly with “Orator Academy.”

Orator Academy offers courses for public speaking and communication skills, stage fear, and overall personality development.

Here, our expert Coach guides students of all ages to fulfil their end goals.


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