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What are the Benefits of Public Speaking?

Public speaking is an important skill that should be encouraged in all professions, regardless of the field. This statement might look like it is overestimating the importance of public speaking as a skill. But if we consider real-life situations and statistics, it is evident that effective public speaking does affect one’s performance.

For example, according to a recent survey conducted by Prezi, a cloud-based presentation platform, and Harris, 70% of American employees agreed that speaking and presentation skills are necessary skills that one must have while working in the corporate industry.

What is public speaking all about?

The act of interacting with or talking to an audience is called Public Speaking. However, we usually define it as a skill and not just an act. It is evident that public speaking is a skill and an art that needs to be learned and developed through consistent effort and practice.

We all start learning and using this skill very early on in our lives. We go to new schools and colleges and meet new people every day. From debates to board meetings, we all utilize public speaking in some way or the other all our lives. Yet, the appropriate coach and speaking with confidence training are beneficial to develop accurate skills.

What are the benefits of learning public speaking?

  • Improves Critical thinking:

Both writing and delivering speeches require a lot of effort and research. This research needs the speaker to think critically and consider all the perspectives on the topic chosen. Just gathering the information is not enough. It needs to be structured and curated in a way that is understandable and effective. Hence, when you start public speaking, you gradually develop critical thinking skills as well.

  • Enhances personality:

Speaking in front of so many people requires confidence. However, with consistent performances, confidence can be developed. Along with oratory skills and confidence, your overall personality is enhanced while learning the art of public speaking. Your body language, non-verbal communication, and many more things usually start improving, which makes your personality even more likable and radiant.

  • Communication skills:

Communication is the base of public speaking. The way you phrase your sentences, the words you use, your command over the language, your pronunciation and intonation patterns, all of these things are a part of communication skills. Speaking with confidence training from experts, can help you develop these skills and communicate better. When you communicate in an effective way, the quality of your speech improves significantly since you are able to deliver your idea efficiently.

  • Better delivery of the topic:

Delivery of the topic in your mind is very important. A lot of times, when we plan to say something, it sounds great in our mind, but when we try to say it out loud, something goes wrong, and the intensity of what we want to deliver is affected. When you go for speaking with confidence training, you naturally gain an understanding of how you can better deliver the topic so that the audience is influenced positively.

This proves effective when you go for jobs as well. You can communicate more confidently and convey your thoughts clearly, which is always a plus point for interviews and meetings.

  • Build a bigger network:

Networking and developing new contacts are a part of being a public speaker. However, this skill is usually beneficial for everyone. We meet many new people in our lives, but building a good connection with them can prove beneficial at a later time. Also, who doesn’t like making new friends, right?

  • Learn active listening:

When you go for speaking with confidence training, you are first taught to be a good listener. This is because, for being a good orator, it is very important for one to be a good listener. Listening to what the audience wants, what other orators are talking about, etc., is a part of research for speakers. Active listening is the skill of listening to and remembering the key points of a session and actively thinking about the points being put forth.

What are the components of Public Speaking?

  • Speaker: 

The speaker is the person delivering the presentation or speech. This person is the basic and primary element of the process. The speaker’s skills, knowledge, preparation, and confidence determine how effective the session is going to be.

  • Audience:

An audience is basically a group of people that is present to listen to the speaker. This audience is the second most important factor of any public speaking event. The speaker needs to interact with the audience and make sure that the audience is understanding and not just listening.

  • Message:

The message delivered by the speaker is very important. This is the basic topic that the speaker wants to talk about. The message needs to be delivered in a way that is influential and focuses on the main theme. The whole speech needs to be structured around this message effectively so that the intended idea reaches the audience effectively.

  • Medium: 

The medium through which the speaker interacts with the audience is also important. With new technology and trends in podcasts, radio channels, and various OTT mediums, interacting with audiences all over the world has become possible for speakers. Yet, many still prefer live speeches.

  • Interference:

Public speaking is usually a live event. These events are subject to occasional interference or small technical issues. However, it depends on the speaker in terms of managing the audience at such times. Usually, small mic issues or technical errors can be overlooked or dealt with using humor. However, more serious interferences that may be caused due to the topic need to be dealt with carefully.

  • Feedback:

The feedback from the audience is very important for all speakers. It helps them to improve the areas that need some work and be better orators. Feedbacks are more of a continuous check that the speakers receive, which is why they are always experimenting with newer techniques and styles. Feedbacks help them understand what is working and what is not.


There are many benefits of learning public speaking. It helps one become better at interaction and overall communication. Skill development coaching like speaking with confidence training and many more can be taken from experts like Orator Academy.

The trainers at Orator Academy are proficient and experienced in training new orators effectively. With their guidance, you can easily learn the art of Oration and use the skills you learn in various other fields as well.

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