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The Power of Storytelling in Business: How Orator Academy can Help you Elevate your Career

The Power of Storytelling in Business: How Orator Academy can Help you Elevate your Career

Every human grows up hearing stories from their grandparents, parents, or other relatives. Stories and storytelling have always been an inevitable part of human lives. But have you ever considered the role of storytelling in business?

We consider storytelling a significant skill to possess in the corporate world. Hence, business storytelling courses are quite popular among aspiring candidates to enrich their careers.

Importance of storytelling in the corporate world

Telling a story refers to delivering a message or spreading information to customers. Launching new products and offering great service is not the only side of the business. There is a need to tell the purpose of the business to win more customers. The need for business storytelling arises from this aspect. Here are a few ways a business storytelling course can help grow your business.

  • Develop your business

Any new product line launched always has a story. How you got the idea, who made the design, and why you picked a certain name or color for it are all story-worthy topics. Sharing such details with the customers makes them feel included and a part of the company.

New ideas and stories need not be what employees share as inside stories within themselves. Tell the story more often to more audiences. This is primarily because knowing the history can make a person feel more connected to the product. Do you know what happens when people feel connected to a company or a product? They purchase the product more. Ultimately, sales would increase, benefiting the company.

  • Create a purpose to drive sales

Stories influence people more than an advertisement ever can. You can use relatable tales of people working and even struggling to perfect the product in favor of the company for its growth. Giving people a sense of purpose would generate more action. For instance, textile industries often advertise the story behind making every piece of fabric. The need to preserve the weavers and their age-old skills is instilled in the customers to purchase more. Simply advertising product quality would not have done the job as successfully as telling a story.

  • Be better than competitors

Telling the story and giving a sense of transparency can give a clear advantage for a brand over its competitors. Companies sharing inside information with the public give them a much-needed competitive advantage. Even if the product quality is remarkably different, people would be inclined to buy from a brand that they can relate to. Why is that so? People remember stories, not advertisements. We come across hundreds of commercials every day. But when a company speaks from its heart, the message stays. Joining a business storytelling course would be an ideal way of ensuring that you have an advantage over your competitors.

  • Engaging, attentive, and understandable

Good stories have the reputation of keeping the audience engaged for longer than you can think. When you pitch an idea to your potential sponsors/ partner or during merges, a good story to back it up will keep the listeners hooked. Losing attention is one of the biggest deal breakers in the business world. To ensure it does not happen, it would be best to polish your skills through a business storytelling course. 

Hours-long presentations and pitching meetings can be a nightmare for everyone. Telling the entire content with a story can be the best action to keep the idea engaging, and understandable.

  • Marketing strategy

Whether or not you have noticed it, storytelling is an effective advertising strategy. This is quite true for newer brands. The old and established brands have been in the field for so long people know the story and are familiar with it. But, what about new brands that came up recently? New businesses will benefit greatly from telling their story to help people understand their points of view. A transparent campaign with monomyth stories can be the way to a customer’s heart.

Instead of spending a good part of your capital on different ways of marketing, try telling your story to relate to the audience and witness growth in your business. Sure, marketing strategies are important. But marketing is a culmination of various tools which together give one result – growth of the company.

  • Brings employees together

You are wrong if you think that corporate storytelling only benefits the customers. It can also influence employees through effective storytelling. How can a brand ensure that they have loyal employees? Just like loyal customers, loyal employees also form the bedrock for success. Business storytelling can help in engaging the employees and improve their efficiency. People work for what they believe in. This is exactly what business storytelling aims to do. It brings employees together and favors the company’s growth and productivity.

  • Helps make a decision 

When was the last time you were on an online shopping site? Before buying a product, we often check the reviews. The reviews that are just ‘nice,’ ‘useful,’ etc. would not instill any interest in you. But the reviews where the person tells a story of how the product was used and how good it was would make you more inclined to buy it. This works kind of similar in the business world too. When a customer looks to purchase something, the brand needs to feel familiar. Hence, business storytelling has a crucial role in decision-making for a customer.

  • Not always on a pedestal 

Major luxury brands are not a consistent choice for the customer. Have you ever wondered why? The brand seems so unreal and unattainable that people put them on a pedestal. But when a company comes into the public domain sharing its stories, it humanizes them. Customers would feel cared for, intriguing them to buy more. A company can generate almost a 50% increase in its sales and profits through efficient business storytelling. Social media and other visible platforms are a good way of reaching out into the midst of people, sharing their stories, and interacting with them.

  • Emotions create loyalty 

People often stay loyal to their friends, family, and life partner. Why do you think this is? The reason is that humans are emotionally connected to their close ones. When the only connection you have to a brand is based on the benefit or product quality, when a better brand shows up, you will easily make the shift. But when there is an emotional connection, customers stay loyal to the company. How do you invoke emotional connection? For successfully connecting to a customer through their emotions, include business storytelling in your marketing strategies. This is by far the most effective way of creating a sense of belongingness among the clients.

Orator Academy can train aspiring candidates in the art of corporate storytelling. Enroll in their business storytelling course to get trained by professionals and enhance your skills. Do not let your company be second in anything, and always stay two steps ahead of your competitors by mastering the technique of corporate storytelling.

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