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Finding Your Voice: Tips for Confident Public Speaking

Presenting one’s ideas and thoughts in front of large public groups is the need of every leader. And confidence is the key to becoming a great public speaker. Public speaking is not just a random skill that helps the person stand out but is a crucial skill that can help you win people, bring the crowd together, and become a better leader.

Presenting one’s ideas and informative content in front of a large audience helps people establish a strong character and come out as a great personality.

Tips for becoming an excellent public speaker

Confidence and sound knowledge are the essences of public speaking. So, to be a good speaker and add weight to your voice, one must become confident. Here are some ways to speak confidently.

  • Prepare a proper script or pointers and research well

Preparing well for anything automatically boosts confidence. Try to prepare a direct, clear, and concise script for yourself. Know what you will present and practice well before the final day.

You must research well before preparing your speech. This will make your content more relevant and informative. And try to deliver content your audience can relate to. This is only possible by knowing your audience prior and conducting in-depth research. One can conduct surveys and discuss with different people before preparing the speech/script.

The more one is prepared, the more confident and controlled one will feel. And writing the entire thing on paper, even, in short, will help the speaker to memorize well and sound more natural.

  • Establishing Control over the Body Language

One might possess stage fear or become nervous. Becoming nervous is okay. Try to calm yourself and don’t do unnecessary body movements as all this will reflect under confidence.

No one is a perfect speaker, but some know how to carry themselves well and come out as confident speakers. Practice multiple times and try to do this in large groups. While practicing, try a particular standing position. This will help you carry yourself well.

Body language is a highly evident form of communication that can make your intentions and state of mind obvious to the other person. So, stand straight, chin up, look into the eyes of the audience and spill the magic.

Some people might have posture issues. These can be easily corrected by doing simple exercises like putting some books onto your head and trying to balance them. This will help improve the problem, or one can seek the help of public speaking training institutes to learn body language.

Make body language your strong point and overcome any public speaking mistake through this. A well-presented person can easily win people. Just try to avoid fidgeting and keep your hands in control. Use assertive body language.

  • Don’t fear making mistakes 

It’s completely alright to “err” or make mistakes. Don’t burden yourself, and try to act superficial. We all are humans, and making mistakes is a part of life.

 While delivering a speech, if you get stuck or go blank, own it and try to make up for it. Be calm, and don’t panic. Remember you know your topic details, try to come up with something, and confidently own the stage.

 If one makes some mistake while speaking and then becomes anxious, there is a considerable probability that the speaker will surely mess up the upcoming content too. Try to move on and don’t hold on to that particular fault. Using filler words is also fine but do it gracefully and confidently. This will help you tackle the situation and learn from it.

  • Come up with Diverse content and be Concise

Diversity can be the best policy when speaking to a large audience. When researching, try understanding different communities’ perspectives, values, and cultures. This will help you prepare content with diverse views that might make the audience feel connected.

Making the content informative and abstract and adding some good humor can diversify it. Depending on the audience and the occasion, try to come up with something new.

This will spike the audience’s interest, and they won’t get bored listening to you. And when the audience starts showing interest in the speech/ideas, the speaker becomes more confident.

Now comes an important aspect, the size of the content. As the saying goes, excess of anything is bad and can make it monotonous. A good speaker should always take into consideration the duration of their speech.

If one always delivers long, detailed speeches. The speaker will soon become irrelevant and unable to attract more people.

If one has clarity and knows how to come up with concise content, the speaker will indeed be valued and loved. One should value time and not just keep going and saying whatever one feels. Short, quality content will help make an impact, and more audiences will listen. And all this love will help the speaker grow well.


Know the importance of your ideas and views. Learn to present them to the world without fearing anything. This will not just help one become an excellent public speaker; instead will help make an impact.

A lot of people have stage fears and, despite being good speakers, shy away. In such cases, public speaking training can help them become great speakers. Though every school must focus on practical skills and ensure each child becomes a good speaker from an early age.

These days, due to the increased demand for good professional skills and the rapidly growing competition, a lot of public speaking training academies have captured the market. Orator Academy is one of the top public speaking training providers and is helping budding speakers excel. They provide several courses and help people overall groom their personalities.

Being a great orator can surely help anyone shine. Moreover, there is a lot to learn in public speaking, and it varies depending on the topic, audience, and occasion. So, availing of public speaking training can be an extremely good investment and assist anyone to enhance themselves.

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