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Orator Mantra

Top 10 mantras to boost your confidence.

Eliminate self doubt and boost your self-confidence. Even the best of Ivy league graduates, CEO’s, movers and shakers, all had, …

Public Speaking

The Art of Oratory

The Art of Oratory Since the oldest times in Greece, oratory is the greatest art known to man and, literally, …

Public Speaking

Decoding Stage Fright!

Decoding Stage Fright! Pounding heart, sweaty hands, shaky voice, inner chattering, and fear of judgement! Do you find anything relatable …

Public Speaking

5 Tips that will Boost your Confidence and Impress your Audience

What is that single most important attribute that will enhance who you are, and what you are capable of?  CONFIDENCE …

Public Speaking

How to Stop Saying “Um,” “Ah,” and “You Know”

So, um, have you ever noticed yourself, like, using these err.. words? Um. Ah. Like. Literally. You know. Well. – …

Public Speaking

Things We Should Say to Our Kids Every Day

Being a parent is a demanding job, and that revelation happens only after you are much too deep in the …

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Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence

Commited to transforming lives

About Vineeta

Vineeta Khanna is one of the most well known and successful public speaking coaches In New York and New Jersey. As the founder of Orator Academy, she has helped hundreds of young students and working professionals to become confident speakers. Vineeta also hosted a popular South Asian live radio show which has been on air for over 15 years. Because of her excellent speaking skills, she has been invited on NPR WHYY and NPR WNYC both as a co-host and guest. All these experiences have made Vineeta an expert on Public Speaking and Communication.

Coach Vineeta has worked with hundreds of students of all ages: elementary school students, college students, interns, job seekers, Wall Street professionals, home makers, IT professionals, teachers and more.


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